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How To Prepare For The Home Inspection



Please make sure the  electric and water is on prior to the inspection.  If you are working with a Real Estate Agent he/she will generally guide you on how to do this.  If not, call me in advance and I may be able to lead you in the right  direction.  I will inspect a property  without utilities, but you would be doing yourself an injustice.  Cable, telephone, alarm systems and any other  data transfer services are not part  of the inspection. Having the water and electric on is very important, so  please don’t forget.

Notifiying All Parties


It would be wise to  make sure all parties involved are aware in advance of the inspection.  Here is another one your Real Estate Agent will help you with if you are working with one. Early notification is not only for common courtesy, but also to prevent  a delay in the inspection.  This will  give people a chance to organize their schedule and arrange for access to all  areas of the home.

Securing Pets


Securing pets is  important for all parties.  If a pet  cannot be removed from the home, it may inhibit the inspection of access to portions  of the home. For the inspection I will be in and out many times.  It can delay the process if we must be  conscious of an unsecure pet.  I will not  be responsible for someone’s pet escaping due to an open door.  This also can be a scary process to the pet  itself if a group of unknown visitors invade its space.  Please be aware of this.

How do I e-sign?

If you have already scheduled with us, clicking on the link below will take you to a page to read your inspection agreement. This page will require you to enter the email provided during booking. Entering your email address ensures you are directed to the agreement for your particular job. After reading though, the system will ask you to sign with your keyboard and mouse. You may print a copy for your records, but we also send a pdf copy of this agreement along with your inspection report once the job is complete. The system will automatically notify the inspector that you have signed. Call us at (386) 295-4142 if you need any assistance with this process.

Go To Your Home Inspection Agreement

What Do I Do?



Prior to the inspection we will send you a link for a Pre-Inspection Agreement, or you can click the link provided above. This is an important document that protects both Korr & Company and You, the client. All reputable inspection firms require this document but I email this form in advance so you actually have time to review it. This must be signed before I start the inspection. If you have difficulty "e-signing" please let me know so we can make other arrangements. 



We accept most forms of payment such as Cash, Check and Credit Card. As a convenience we also offer an online credit card payment option via Square Up. No fees will be added for any of these forms of payment. This will be due no later than the beginning of the inspection.  Unfortunately,  I cannot send you a copy of the report until payment is received.


Relax & Ask Questions

Korr & Company Inspection Services applies a hands on approach to the process. Customers have different needs and we understand that. Some customers prefer to attend and follow us. Some are unable because they are in other states or even countries. A great inspection takes a few hours and this can often be arduous or even intimidating to clients. Most clients prefer to attend during the last 30 minutes or hour so that we can walk them through the property and discuss our findings. Let us know what suits your needs.